New Additions to the Charity Collection!

The Tastes of Hogsmeade, Dinner at the Great Hall, and Christmas at Hogwarts are three of the new Harry Potter inspired candles have been added to the shop! These are very special to us as each year we try to help our local charities around Christmas time. Eveline Rivers Christmas Project is one of those that donates school supplies, books, and toys to children in need. Discounts will not be applicable on Charity candles so that we can donate as much as possible from the sales of these creations. We thank you in advance for your charitable donations! Towards the end of the year, we will share another blog post of the donations we were able to donate! =)

To learn more about the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project, visit:

Click here to view the Charity collection, or visit the front page (or side menu) to see all collections.

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