Sellout Sale

While we transition into our new workshop, we will have a sellout sale to assist us in removing inventory from our previous location. This is quite literally the largest sale we have ever done, and will ever do!

From 8/5/19 - 8/9/19, our shop will be selling out of all products that are in-stock only. Made-to-order items will be marked as sold out until the sale is over. No additional coupons or discounts may be applied. Because this is a sale on items that are already made, in-stock, there will be limited quantities in certain sizes. The stock on most of these is very low, and not all creations are stocked in advance. Once sold out, these items will not restock until the sale is over, and the items will go back to their usual price.

Products not included in this sale are loose leaf teas, body washes, room/body sprays, and lotions. Leftover items from previous subscription boxes will be available such as art prints, mugs, tumblers, etc.

Items will be marked down to 50-60% off! Many of the candles included in this sale have been sitting on our shelves for awhile, and some of the candles will be frosted or have cosmetic flaws on the wax. This will not affect the burn or scent throw.

All sales are final. Orders cannot be combined with previously placed orders. Order cancellations can only be made within 24 hours as we will be fulfilling these as quickly as possible to get the inventory out and make our move much easier!

International customers: This sale will be amazing for you as international shipping is very expensive. But be aware that customs fees apply to orders over a certain amount. This is not something we profit from, and we cannot determine this amount beforehand; moreover, you may be able to research your country's customs clearance for more information.

DM us on instagram @acourtofcandles or email us at if you have questions throughout the sale. Stay posted on our instagram stories, as we share updates there first!

Enjoy the sale! :)


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