Support BLM - Fundraisers


At A Court of Candles we stand against racism always and forever. To Black communities across the nation, we stand with you in solidarity and action. We are part of this fight against systemic racism, and will be using our social platforms to celebrate Black voices and creators; to educate and share resources; to support and uplift our community. We will continue to do all we can both locally, and with our followers and supporters.

We are currently putting together many fundraisers for the Black Lives Matter movement by releasing new creations throughout the year based on books written by Black authors, with 100% proceeds being donated. We are going to keep brainstorming, donating, and assisting in all the ways we can. This will be an ongoing support system. Organizations we have donated to or will be donating to includes but is not limited to: Color of Change, TGI Justic Project
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Black Lives Matter, Fair Fight Action, Equal Justice Initiative, National Bail Fund Network, Minnesota Freedom Fund and More.

Alternatively, we will also have a FREE method of donating for those who have reward points with us or earn them along the way! No new purchase would be required if you have existing points, and you will be able to trade in your Faerie Reward Points via our website. You may redeem 1000 points which would be a $10.00 donation.

Because donations will be coming from the different methods, we will make the contributions the first week of each month for the previous month. We will be sharing both here and our socials each time we make a donation (shortly after the first week of each month).

We definitely encourage our community to share their favorite black-owned book stores, authors, artists, influencers, bookstagrammers and content creators. Be sure to stay active and visit this site often as they are updating daily with new resources, petitions, how to donate (monetary and free!) and more:

Keep learning and growing, and continue in the fight against systemic racism and police brutality. Big changes must be made now!