Happee Birthdae - Soy Candle

Happee Birthdae - Soy Candle


Cake • Chocolate • Icing

"Got something for you. 'Fraid I might have sat on it at some point, but I imagine it'll taste fine just the same. Baked it myself, words and all!"

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Heather Grossen
Harry cake

This candle is such a cute candle!
Perfect for any Harry Potter fan of any age!
I bought this Happy Birthdae candle in the perfect 9oz size.
It fits perfectly right next to my collection of Harry Potter books.
These cute candles with their cute designs are the perfect compliment to your bookcase right next to your collection of books!
I have already bought almost all of the Harry Potter candles made.
I personally think that you can see a better design quality on the bigger candles (such as the 9oz verses the 4oz).
However, If you are purchasing the candles for collection viewing (such as decoration next to your collection of books on your bookshelf) I have noticed that you will get a stronger smell than purchasing a smaller sized candle.
Plus their is the fact that the bigger ones look so much nicer than the smaller candles, at least I think so!
The candle design also matches the cake in the first Harry Potter movie!
How cute!
I love the colors of this candle!
The pink and the green go very well together.
I love that the spelling on the candle is also the way that Hagrid spelt it on the cake in the movie!
So Precious!
I love the fact that the candles are all vegan and soy (at least the candles I purchased are).
This candle actually sells out fairly fast, I had to sign up to be emailed when this candle would be back in stock to purchase it since I waited to long to buy the candle the first time around.
The smell of this candle is amazing of chocolate fine cake

Strong chocolate scent!

This candle has a very strong chocolate cake scent that will for sure make you hungry! The scent is noticeable in big rooms even if you get a smaller size (i have the 4oz tin and you could smell the candle in my moms shop, which is pretty big and has people coming in and out!)
And the smell also remains in the room fo hours! Would recommend to any chocolate and harry potter fans!